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Have you received a notice from the IRS? Do you need help with your personal or business tax returns? Need financial statements or bookkeeping services for your business? John E. Baines, CPA can help with any accounting service you may need. At John E. Baines, CPA, our goal is to offer you a wide range of high quality accounting services performed by some of the friendliest most experienced staff in Denton County.

The Accountants at John E. Baines, CPA know what to do when the IRS comes calling! We will get your tax documents and files organized and records in place to insure you are prepared in the event of an audit. We will also make sure that you are not one of the millions of American’s who overpay Federal Income Tax each year.
Need Help? Got Questions? I’m sure you do! Call the office of John E. Baines, CPA now!
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