Tax Planning and Consultation in Denton, TX

Tax planning is a necessary procedure for most business owners to ensure that:

  • Only the absolutely necessary amount of tax is paid,
  • All of the deductions available to the taxpayer are taken,
  • All the available strategies and scenarios that apply to the business and the individual have been explored.

Tax consultations provide our clientele with the necessary insights on any level and type of tax return and enable them to become conversant and aware of the tax issues that directly impact their lives, businesses and holdings.

We recommend that clients meet with us in the final quarter of their year to prepare a tax planning scenario.
Tax Return Preparation
  • Individual Income Taxes (Form 1040)
  • Corporate Income Taxes (Form 1120)
  • Partnership Income Taxes (Form 1065)
  • Payroll Taxes (Form 941, 940, TWC Reports)
  • Franchise Taxes
  • Estate and Trust Taxes (Form 1041)
  • State Income Taxes (will vary)
  • Gift Taxes (Form 706, 709)
  • Property Taxes
  • Sales Taxes
All tax returns are expertly prepared by seasoned and up to date tax professionals who use the most current computerized programs and good old fashioned business savvy to arrive at the fairest and most equitable tax bill for you.

Personalized services, careful interviewing skills and carefully structured work techniques are utilized to provide the taxpayer with a tax return product that is truly a crafted work.

We stand behind all of our work. You have our guarantee.